Sunday, May 9, 2010


The past two days, I was alone with my daughter while my wife celebrated Mother's Day in style by watching her favorite group in Vegas with another mom.

I feared those two days because our daughter often only wants Mommy. I really can't blame her. But she was great those two days while Mommy was away but that doesn't mean it still wasn't hard as heck. I really don't know how she has done it because I know A could be a lot worse sometimes than she was with me. In fact, I know I could be worse than A and I don't know how my mom has been able to put up with me for 33 years.

Seeing MA take care of A the last three months has just made me grow a greater appreciation for what I have. I have never seen this side of my wife but it is beautiful. She has been a great Mom and it makes me more excited for the future because I know that MA is going to help make A the best she can be.

I really don't have the words to describe how great a mother she has been but to me this picture says it all...

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