Monday, March 14, 2016

I found your collar

I found your collar
But I didn't find you
I sit by your bed
Thinking about how fast time flew

I refuse to clean my care 
Because it still has your smell
I tightly grip your ball
You would fetch when you were well

I see the park
Where we would chill
Everything keeps moving
My world stands still

I miss your wet kisses
Your crooked smile
It's been a tough year
struggling in denial

I just want to hug you
as tight as I can
I want to reach out 
as you put your paw in my hand

I know you are here
right next to me
Your furry chin
resting on my knee

I feel so selfish
cuz I want more
You gave me so much love
every time I walked through that door

And this too shall pass
Always stay strong
But I still feel the pain
Those sayings were wrong

Just know I think of you
Every single day
You've impacted my life
in every single way

You made me a better dad
And a better friend
You taught me to fight
till the very, very end

When you were in pain
you would never show it
When you were angry
I would never know it

I still have dreams and see your run
I wake and pray its true
But when I found your collar
I didn't find you